MadsenMark Madsen performing at the Catch 35 Chicago Jazz Lounge with the Eric Hochberg Trio featuring Steve Million on piano in October, 2017.

From rock to pop, to blues, to swing, his performances are truly products of the Chicago melting pot. His association with the late great Bill Evans, who worked with Mark’s father Bob during the fifties, continued throughout the rest of Mr. Evan’s life. He was the earliest and most profound influence on Mark’s music.

Mark has appeared and performed at the Petrillo Band Shell in Grant Park for Taste of Chicago in ‘The City Of Chicago’s Tribute to Frank Sinatra’ with the 40-piece ‘City Lights Orchestra’, with which he still regularly appears, taking him to venues throughout the United States.


Chicago_Jazz_Singer_Mark_MadsenMark has appeared for an eclectic group of performers including Frank Sinatra, Gloria Estafan, Bonnie Raitt, Steve Allen, Steve Lawrence and Edie Gorme, and others. He has worked many of Chicago’s nightclubs including Andy’s Jazz Club, Jilly’s Bistro, Cafe Luciano, The Pump Room, Pops For Champagne, Green Dolphin Street, The Metropole, The Moulin Rouge, The Green Mill, and the Underground Wonder Bar.

Email mark@markmadsenworld.com.